Spark a love of nature-based Early Learning at Albany Creek

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At Una Early Learning Albany Creek, nature’s playground meets curious minds! In our nurturing space, imaginations take flight, creativity blossoms, and little explorers discover the magic of the natural world. We’re rewilding childhood, one little explorer at a time.

Picture your child digging for treasures in the earth, building forts from fallen branches, and painting masterpieces with mud. At Una, empowered play is king, and our dedicated and experienced educators are there every step of the way, fostering a love of learning that blossoms alongside a strong sense of self. Watch your child’s potential flourish in embracing nature’s playground, guided by our nurturing team!

Explore, Connect, and Grow With Our Daycare Rewilding Approach

When nature and imagination connect, a child’s natural curiosity and love for exploration thrive.

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Nature-based materials and resources sparking curiosity for individual and group play.


Safe space enables exploration wherever little feet wander.


Fresh rain awakens the senses and the outdoor space calls for exploration.


Nourishing meals fuel little explorers on their daily adventures.


Caring for on-site animals fosters empathy and connection with nature.


Laughter fills the air, making memories one giggle at a time.

Rewilding: A Way of Life at Daycare in Albany Creek

At Una Early Learning, we embrace “rewilding childhood” – it’s not just a program, it’s a philosophy. We do this by offering the following:

  1. Natural resources: Explore, discover, and connect through nature-based play, where learning sparks curiosity and a love for discovery.
  2. Passionate Educators: We are a safe, nurturing place where children grow and develop under the care of dedicated educators.
  3. Prioritising Safety: Peace of mind for parents is paramount. Our daycare in Albany Creek has attentive staff who ensure your child is secure.
  4. Flexible Hours: We understand your needs and have enrolment options to fit your family’s busy schedule.
  5. Delicious Meals: Fueling young minds and bodies, our chef makes nutritious and tasty meals and snacks, ensuring your little one stays energised.

Why Our Early Learning in Albany Creek is the Perfect Fit

At Una Early Learning Albany Creek, our educators believe in nurturing the whole child – mind, body, and spirit. A love of learning is supported through exploration, play, and connection with the natural world. Is Una Right for Your Family? Let’s Find Out!

  • Nurturing connection with nature: Children explore, discover, and learn in our outdoor spaces, where they engage their curiosity and cultivate a respect for nature.
  • A focus on holistic development: We go beyond academics, prioritising social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development through play-based learning and enriching activities.
  • Encouraging lifelong learning: Our educators foster a love of lifetime learning by nurturing your little ones and building the confidence they need to thrive in kindergarten and beyond.
  • Fostering diversity and inclusion: At Una, we celebrate our community’s rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds.

Our Rewilding Led Curriculum for Kindergarten & Daycare

Childhood should be a wild symphony of exploration, curiosity, and connection with the natural world. We embrace the concept of “rewilding” – not just for the environment but for your little one’s spirit.

A Place Your Child Belongs: A Holistic Haven

  • Provide a nurturing environment from six weeks to 5 years old.
  • Space for indoor and outdoor creativity and discovery where your little one can explore the natural world barefoot.
  • Fueling bodies and minds with nutritious meals made on-site by our chef.
  • Your little one will be introduced to local culture and values, promoting understanding, respect and a sense of belonging.
  • Your little one’s confidence and social skills are developed through engaging activities, play-based learning, and positive interactions.

Nurturing Potential: Discovering Possibilities through Diverse Programs

  • We create supportive and collaborative environments that nurture a sense of security and belonging.
  • Children learn from each other and build strong friendships.
  • We use natural resources for learning and play.
  • Children explore at their own pace, so we support them where they’re at developmentally.
  • We encourage exploration and creativity in spaces from messy play areas to quiet nooks for reading.

Child-Driven Play: Where Curiosity Takes the Lead

  • Play is not just fun but fundamental to development and growth.
  • Thoughtfully designed spaces filled with open-ended materials spark curiosity and invite independent discovery.
  • Play for learning is at the heart of what we do.
  • We use open-ended materials for child-led learning and independent discovery that fuels the mind.
  • Sensory-rich areas that enrich your little one’s love of the outdoors.

Una Early Learning Albany Creek

2 Narrabeen Road
Albany Creek QLD 4035
Monday – Friday: 6:15am – 6:15pm

07 3325 5143

More About Our Rewilding Approach

We invite you to visit our daycare and kindergarten and see how we can make a difference for you and your child. Our doors are always open for families to explore our facilities, meet our team, and find out more about our unique approach.