It’s what we do and how we do it

Our philosophy

Our philosophy underpins everything we do — it’s the principles we live and learn by. It’s how we deliver exceptional early learning experiences.

Our approach to early education (and life) embraces nature, community, and holistic wellbeing.

Our guiding principles

1. Nature grows us

Away from screens, we rediscover the wild of our lands.

Wild — it lives in the vast blue sky; the native trees that go up-up-up; the animals who call our planet home.

Here is a place where little beings are encouraged to explore the world’s wild.

Whether it’s getting immersed in bush kindy, tending to the animals who call our centres home, or playing barefoot on the grass — each interaction with nature brings a bounty of physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits.

Here, the natural world ignites our imaginations. It inspires awe. And it grows a better future for us all. Because to care for nature, we must first understand it.

Our guiding principles

2. Let them lead

Children are our future. And the future can’t be commanded, it can only be guided.

That’s why we encourage children to find their own rhythm for life.

We empower them to follow where their curiosity leads them; to pursue play their way; to step into their independence.

Through experiencing autonomy in a safe environment, children develop critical thinking skills and cultivate the confidence to trust themselves.

Our guiding principles

3. Care for your forever home

Over the course of our lives, our bodies do incredible things.

Our legs take us on adventures.
Our minds conjure up ideas.
Our hands create.

Our bodies are our forever homes, which is why our programs are designed to inspire a lifelong care and appreciation for holistic health.

Whether it’s sinking into a mindful moment or launching into an energising activity, our centres are places where little beings will discover all the incredible things their minds and bodies are capable of.

Here, we keep tummies satisfied with nourishing foods that little ones love — fueling their energy and showing them how delicious nutritious can be.

Our guiding principles

4. Diversity enriches all

Diversity is what makes the land, and life, richer.

From encouraging children to share their interests with their peers, to motivating our educators to bring their passions into their teaching rooms.

Ours is a place where curious minds delight in stories different to their own.

It’s a place where differences are celebrated.

And it’s where people’s cultures, life experiences, and unique talents come together in a vibrant patchwork of community that envelopes us all in a sense of belonging.

Through embracing diversity, we instil in each child the belief that they, and all people, belong.

Our guiding principles

5. A little wild does a lot of good

Every day, we choose fun.

We choose roaring laughter and a good dose of silliness.

Sometimes, we choose the fun of splish-splashing in puddles or monkeying across the playscape.

Fun can mean getting messy or embracing risky play alongside those sharing your excitement.

Whichever form it takes, its magic always remains — fun invites participation and helps us connect with one another. It melts away fear and bolsters confidence.

Here, we know that a little wild does a lot of good. And that’s why we choose fun, always.

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