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Set in captivating environments, our educational programs put the holistic wellbeing of every child at heart.

6-weeks to 15-months

The Nursery

Our nursery environment is specifically designed to cater for each child’s needs from 6 weeks to 15 mths.

Children’s transition into an early learning education and care setting, can be one of the biggest changes for the child and their families. We understand the importance of forming close and meaningful connections with each individual child and their families.

Our educators’ focus is on creating a supportive and collaborative environment that enables all children and families to feel a sense of belonging and security within the space.

We aim to create continuity between children’s home and care environments to enable them to flourish and further develop in both settings.

We hold a strongly focus on child-led learning and providing children with opportunities to develop their emerging independence as they achieve their individual developmental milestones.

15-months to 2-years


In our toddler environment, children are supported in a nurturing setting that enables them to explore the world around them with confidence and a sense of wonder.

We hold a strong belief that children thrive when they have familiar educators and routines that guide them towards positive, predictable outcomes.

We aim to nurture each child’s individuality and create spaces that enable children to explore their individual interests whilst engaging in play-based learning. We support children as we promote their emerging independence, self-help skills and emotional resilience throughout all aspects of our daily routine.

We embrace each child as an individual and create opportunities for them to grow and develop according to their needs. We take time to get to know each child in our care, learning their ways of verbal and non-verbal communication.

We value family input into our space and are always seeking families’ thoughts and feedback on our learning programs and environments.

2-years to 3-years

Junior Kindy

Our junior kindy classroom is where your children will further develop their confidence, resilience, and empathy in a safe environment. We love making a mess and taking risks, giving our children the ability to investigate the natural world around them.

We encourage our children to develop their own rhythm through the year and empower them to follow innate sense of curiosity. We find that this approach encourages little ones to pursue play and step into their independence, further developing their communication and agency.

Our passionate educators will share with your children a love for the natural world around them, they will engage in our Forest School and Animal Programs. Through these interactions our knowledgeable educators share with your children daily a love of the world around them.

The children in the junior kindy classroom will experience autonomy in a safe environment, where they can develop critical thinking skills in cultivate the confidence to trust themselves.

We are close-knit community of educators, families, and children. We share a universal kindness in unity, and we hopefully amplify this through our interactions with you and your family.

3-years to 4-years

Senior Kindy

Our senior kindy classroom is inspired on the Reggio Emilia approach to educational philosophy and pedagogy.

The curriculum is developed on the principles of children constructing their own learning through investigation, exploration, discovery, and play. The program supports independent play and group interactions.

Our children are capable, creative, competent learners who construct their own learning through play, relationships, and the physical environment. Here, we deeply embrace the benefits of nature-based and self-directed learning experiences.

Provocations encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to investigate, hypothesise and express themselves. Embedded practices foster children’s holistic wellbeing to build relationships and gain a strong sense of identity, learning respect for themselves and others.

4-years to 5-years


At Una Kindergarten, our focus is on supporting children’s development in preparation for the next step in transition to formal schooling — prep.

We do this by working closely with local schools to have a clear understanding of local schools’ expectations for each individual entering prep.

The kindergarten provides a fully accredited program of learning that supports the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework.

We have adopted a comprehensive and individualised approach to kindergarteners’ learning and development, to best prepare each individual child for a successful and smooth transition through to Prep.

In the kindergarten room, our teachers plan opportunities for holistic growth across the five learning and development areas: identity, connectedness, well-being, active learning, and communication.

“I feel so supported in parenting. Everything they do there flows into my home. It makes me excited for every day.” – Amanda

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