Empowering your child’s confidence through nature’s adventures at Una Paddington

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Nestled amongst the charming streets of Paddington, Una offers a unique and transformative approach to early learning – Rewilding Childcare. We do more than see to your child’s needs; we encourage curiosity as they learn about themselves and their world.

Forget traditional classrooms and rigid routines. Children will explore and use their minds creatively while developing deep connections with the world around them. We’re passionate about rewilding, whether by splashing in outdoor mud kitchens or stepping into a world of imagination with natural toys; there are many possibilities.

Learn Through Exploration at our Early Learning Centre

Rewilding, in its traditional sense, focuses on restoring ecosystems to their natural state. Una Daycare in Paddington takes this concept and applies it to early learning, creating an environment where children can:

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Natural materials and toys for group and individual play.


Children are encouraged to be curious and explore wherever their little feet wander.


Grass after rain that awakens the senses and calls for exploration.


Tasty and nutritious meals fuel little tummies for play and learning.


Caring for on-site animals and engaging with the natural world.


Fun through laughter and excited chatter during group play.

What to Expect at Our Kindergarten in Paddington Explorations Await: A Place For Your Child’s Imagination and Growth

In our early learning centre, you can expect your child to play and learn by experiencing the following:

  1. Connect with Nature:  Our educators foster a love for the outdoors and a sense of wonder for the natural world and materials. Your little ones will gain awareness of the space around them at a young age and become passionate about nature.
  2. Play with Purpose: Play isn’t just about fun but learning and exploration. Through hands-on activities – building bug hotels, collecting leaves, creating imaginative play spaces and more, children become active participants in rewilding efforts, understanding the importance of their role in the environment.
  3. Develop a Growth Mindset: Rewilding isn’t just about restoring nature; it’s about fostering resilience and adaptability. Una encourages experimentation, observation, and learning from their experiences, which are valuable skills that translate into all aspects of life.

Benefits of Rewilding Childcare

  • Environmental Awareness: Children develop a deep appreciation for the natural world and a responsibility to protect it.
  • Social and Emotional Learning: Rewilding experiences and learning encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and empathy.
  • Physical Development: Outdoor play stimulates gross and fine motor skills while also giving your little one a healthy appreciation for physical activity.
  • Cognitive Development: Curiosity is ignited through exploration and discovery, leading to enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Creativity and Imagination: Play in nature provides the perfect canvas for boundless creativity and imaginative play.

Our Centre: A Place of Belonging Nursery

  • From sensory gardens to designated areas for bug exploration and mud play, these spaces invite children to connect with nature meaningfully.
  • Learning activities are woven into the natural environment. This includes when our camouflage capers transform into nature detectives, using magnifying glasses to observe how insects and birds blend into their surroundings.
  • Food scraps become garden gold! Our early learning program composts and your little one becomes an eco-warrior, learning to minimise waste and give things a second life.
  • We connect with the local community and give our children a sense of purpose.

Diverse Programs: For Infants and Beyond

  • We provide opportunities for exploration indoors and out in the garden. Children can smell the fragrant herbs, observe the insects buzzing around the flowers or ride a bike.
  • Some of our story times are under shady trees, followed by a discussion about the environment and how children can help protect it.
  • We encourage creativity by using natural treasures to create masterpieces and express their unique connection with the outdoors. Leaves become paintbrushes, sticks become sculptures, and pebbles become mosaic tiles.
  • With the wind in their hair and laughter in the air, children zoom across the grassy playground. This burst of energy provides a healthy dose of exercise and allows them to soak up the fresh air and reconnect with the natural world.

Curious Minds: Child-Led Play for Exploration and Growth

  • Rewilding childcare facilitates a nurturing environment where children feel safe to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace.
  • Our programs teach children valuable life skills like collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  • Children develop a strong sense of self-confidence through hands-on experiences and a sense of accomplishment in rewilding efforts.
  • Offers a unique and enriching experience for your child where they will develop a deep connection with nature and learn valuable skills.

Una Early Learning Paddington

24 Guthrie Street
Paddington QLD 4064
Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm

07 3217 5233

More About Our Rewilding Approach

We invite you to visit our daycare and kindergarten and see how we can make a difference for you and your child. Our doors are always open for families to explore our facilities, meet our team, and find out more about our unique approach.