Una Early Learning Springwood: Where Nature and Learning Meet

Childcare Springwood

At Una Springwood, a unique rewilding daycare centre, is a vibrant natural landscape where we’re passionate about integrating the beauty of nature with the wonder of gaining knowledge and new skills. Families that respect the value of being outdoors, child-led play, and community involvement will feel right at home at our child care centre.

We go beyond making families and their little ones feel understood, heard, and seen. We ensure infants to kindergarteners are valued, confident, encouraged, and inspired. Our approach is a holistic app that sets the benchmark for daycare, childcare, and kindergartens in Australia.

Our Rewilding Approach: Connection, Curiosity, and Growth

At Early Learning Springwood, every child deserves to grow and gain confidence through our programs, which provide direct experiences with nature and the community. Aside from our captivating spaces, our philosophy drives us in the right direction towards providing development opportunities and connections with nature and communities:

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Nature-Integrated Discovery

Our programs are deeply embedded in outdoor experiences, encouraging children to explore and gather information from the natural world and engage with animals in our bush kindy.

Letting Little-One’s Lead

We empower little ones to follow their curiosities in play that we support in a safe environment. Our approach guides children towards independence, confidence and resilience.

Fueling Little Bodies

Focusing on providing energising activities and fueling tummies with nourishing foods, children in our care discover their bodies and minds’ capabilities.

Community Engagement

By embracing community, we equip children with the tools to find their voice, value differences, and thrive in a collaborative world.

Holistic Development

We nurture the whole child beyond just academics. This includes supporting their physical, emotional, and social growth by choosing laughter, fun, getting messy and silliness.

Discover the Magic of Early Learning in Springwood

Looking beyond the daycare centre walls, you can discover a place of wonder where the world comes alive.


Muddy puddles begging for tiny footprints and splashing adventures.


The thrill of discovery, where laughter and exploration are encouraged.


Fresh, nutritious food coming from the kitchen.


Nourishing foods that keep little tummies satisfied.


The deep connection with nature and natural resources that champion rewilding.


The joyful chatter of children weaving stories into the air.

Where Nature’s Classroom Shapes Little Champions

Our daycare and kindergarten services let each child lead the way to becoming curious learners, which includes:

  1. Nature-Based Curriculum: We provide activities immersed in nature, promoting environmental consciousness and access to natural play materials from an early age.
  2. Qualified Educators: Our team comprises experienced, nurturing professionals who create a supportive, enriching play and learning environment.
  3. Safety as Priority: We ensure a secure setting for all activities, with state-of-the-art safety features and vigilant supervision.
  4. Adaptable Scheduling: Recognising the complexities of contemporary family life, we provide flexible hours to align with your busy schedule.
  5. Healthy Eating: We serve freshly made snacks and meals that fulfil nutritional needs and involve them in the food preparation process, making mealtime educational and enjoyable.

10 Reasons to Choose Una Early Learning Springwood

When it comes to daycare and kindergarten education, we know families want the best start for their children’s development, happiness, and future success. Our nature-based approach goes beyond toys and tablets. We use the proven benefits of outdoor play, community connections, and an emergent curriculum to give your child a unique head start.

Here are ten key reasons families choose us:

  1. Build resilience and grit through outdoor adventures in our bushland playground.
  2. Ignite creativity and imagination through open-ended natural materials like mud, sticks, and leaves.
  3. We foster empathy, ethics, and collaboration.
  4. Promote sustainability and conservation values from a young age.
  5. Strengthen physical health with active, sensory-rich experiences.
  6. Deepen concentration abilities with nature as a calming, balancing influence.
  7. Enhance social skills and emotional intelligence.
  8. Personalise discovery with child-led project work based on evolving interests.
  9. Involve family and community in sharing their talents and traditions.
  10. Prepare your little one holistically for big school and the world ahead.

Una Early Learning Springwood

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More About Our Rewilding Approach

We invite you to visit our daycare and kindergarten and see how we can make a difference for you and your child. Our doors are always open for families to explore our facilities, meet our team, and find out more about our unique approach.