A place where children develop independence through rewilding at Dutton Park

Childcare Dutton Park

Nestled within Dutton Park, a unique early learning program is fostering a connection between children and nature through the lens of rewilding. We believe a holistic approach to daycare supports natural curiosity, so we ensure each child who steps through our door feels seen, heard and confident in their abilities.

At our centre, we’re not just passionate about children learning through play and immersive experiences in the natural world, we actively encourage it. You can expect a place where curiosity, creativity and connections are not just nurtured, but celebrated. Your child will get to explore, get messy and create art using nature’s treasures, play in mud kitchens and make exciting discoveries.

Rewilding Your Child at Early Learning Dutton Park

Our daycare and kindergarten provide the space for your child to explore nature and become stewards of the environment through exciting, hands-on activities.

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Spaces that are welcoming and nurturing.


The freedom of a place where exploration and discovery are encouraged.


Freshly mown grass ready for curious little ones.


Delicious meals to keep tummies full.


A nurturing environment that prioritises the well-being of children.


Little voices and giggles from child-led play and learning.

The Una Experience: What to Expect

Rewilding comes alive at Early Learning Dutton Park through a range of services, including:

  1. Exploring the natural world: Our programs deeply immerse children in the wonders of the natural world, fostering environmental consciousness from their earliest years.
  2. Skilled educators: Our educators support child development and create a nurturing environment for every child.
  3. Priority on safety: We provide a safe environment where each child is valued.
  4. Flexible scheduling: Recognising the complexities of modern family life, we offer flexible scheduling options to suit your needs.
  5. Healthy Meals: Our freshly prepared snacks and meals meet your children’s nutritional needs.

Why We’re the Choice for Daycare in Dutton Park

Choosing where your child will spend each day is a significant decision. When you select our early learning centre as the place of choice, you can expect your child’s rewilding experience to blend nature-based play and learning.

We enable your little one to gain strong foundations in a nurturing environment while connecting with nature. We deliver a unique, inclusive experience for children by providing the following:

  • Rewilding Program: Your child educators lead the way in rewilding by enabling a deep connection with nature through engaging hands-on activities.
  • Nurturing Potential: We approach your little one’s social, emotional, and intellectual development holistically by providing play-based learning and age-appropriate activities.
  • Fun and Engaging Activities: From messy creations to musical exploration, our activities engage curious minds and budding creators.
  • Open Communication and Partnership: Our priority is open communication with parents and caregivers through regular updates on your child’s growth and development.
  • Embrace Community: Immersing ourselves in our diverse community allows us to create lasting bonds among the children, staff, and parents.

Our Approach to Delivering Exceptional Early Learning

Rewilding is the perfect opportunity for them to be curious about learning and the environment. The deep connections with nature they make in the early years lead towards growth and a sense of belonging.

Our Daycare Centre: A Nurturing Home for Growing Minds Nursery

  • Providing an immersive environment for six weeks to five years of age.
  • Exploration, discovery and curiosity are how your little ones learn through play.
  • Nutritious meals nourish little bodies and minds and energise them for a day of learning and play.
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces encourage creativity and inspire young adventurers.
  • We explore the cultures and values that make our community unique, enabling children to connect with others and appreciate the world around them.

Celebrating Diversity: Providing A Supportive Environment

  • We ensure each child feels like they belong in our supportive environment.
  • Abilities and interests are nurtured using natural resources and engaging activities.
  • Supporting play with spaces that support your child’s well-being, language development, curiosity and interactions with nature.
  • Nature is our classroom. Your child will engage in play, create art, and discover the wonders of the world around them in a fun and hands-on way.
  • Your child is given the space and materials to use their imagination and discover their own ideas.

Child-Led Learning & Play: Curiosity is Their Guide

  • We encourage children to choose their activities, fostering independence and decision-making skills.
  • Our educators guide and support your child through free exploration while ensuring their safety.
  • We choose resources that engage your child’s interests and support their development,
  • Access to materials that encourage your little one to use their imagination, hypothesise, be creative, and investigate their environment.

Una Early Learning Dutton Park

21 Tillot Street
Dutton Park QLD 4102
Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm

07 3444 9111

More About Our Rewilding Approach

We invite you to visit our daycare and kindergarten and see how we can make a difference for you and your child. Our doors are always open for families to explore our facilities, meet our team, and find out more about our unique approach.