A vibrant tapestry of play and learning with nature-based daycare

Childcare Taringa

At Una Taringa, we use nature to nurture children and support their development. Our innovative rewilding program isn’t just about a safe space while parents work – it’s about fostering a generation of passionate environmental stewards and curious explorers.

Imagine your little one splashing in puddles, building forts and using their imagination to create play experiences. At Una, we embrace messy play – it’s not just about being fun but about fostering a deep connection with nature and nurturing a spirit of exploration and discovery.

See Your Child’s Confidence Grow at Rewilding Daycare

At Una, we believe that when children connect with the natural world, their imagination soars and their love for exploration takes root.

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Spaces overflowing with nature-based materials that spark curiosity and inspire both individual and group play.


A safe and nurturing environment, where children can explore wherever their little feet wander.


Fresh, rain-soaked earth awakens the senses, asking the children to explore the wonders that await them outdoors.


We nourish your child’s body and mind with delicious and nutritious meals that fuel their daily adventures.


Open indoor and outdoor spaces with room to play, grow and learn.


The air is filled with the sound of children making memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Encouraging Children to Ignite their Imagination

Each day is an opportunity to learn something new at Early Learning in Taringa when your child engages in our services:

  1. Programs for all ages: It’s never too early to combine nature, play and learning, so our programs are for six weeks of age to kindergarten.
  2. Passionate Team: Our educators understand how caring for nature creates a better future for your child.
  3. Safe Spaces: Whether barefoot in the grass or exploring new play spaces, your child’s safety is our priority.
  4. Flexible Hours: Modern family life is busy, so we provide flexible hours and programs to meet your needs.
  5. Freshly cooked meals: Meals are prepared freshly each day by our qualified chef, taking into account any allergies and daily nutrition needs.

Learning Through Play: A Daycare Adventure

Our kindergarten programs transcend traditional classroom structures. When choosing Una Early Learning at Taringa to educate your child, each day is an opportunity to discover and experience a unique blend of learning with a nature-based focus.

Give your little one the gift of connecting with nature in a place where they will also experience the following:

  • Thriving together: At Una, we work together to solve problems creatively and help them develop solutions together. Working towards a common goal sees them learning to work as a team, communicate and build strong social bonds.
  • Confidence building: We encourage children to take risks, experiment, and learn from their experiences while developing self-confidence.
  • Sustainability Champions: Una Taringa instills a sense of environmental responsibility when learning about composting, water conservation, and reducing waste.
  • Mud and Marvels: Forget your traditional playground. Our outdoor spaces invite your little ones to get messy and uncover the hidden wonders in the dirt beneath their fingertips.

Our Unique Approach to Daycare and Kindergarten

At Una, we transform curiosity into a lifelong adventure. Our world revolves around nature, where every day is a chance for your little one to let curiosity lead the way. Through hands-on experiences and play-based learning, your child will develop a deep love for nature, understanding their role as an eco-warrior.

Where Your Child Will Thrive

  • We cater to a wide range of ages, providing a nurturing environment for little ones at every stage.
  • We encourage children to enjoy barefoot exploration, connecting them with the natural world.
  • Our chef makes delicious, healthy meals that meet your child’s nutrition needs.
  • We celebrate the local culture, introducing children to the values and traditions of the surrounding community.
  • Our spaces encourage creativity. Whether it’s building forts inside or exploring nature outside, your child’s imagination will soar!

Discovering Endless Possibilities in A Safe Environment

  • Each child should feel like they belong and are secure through each of their daycare experiences.
  • Our natural resources and activities support each child’s individual development.
  • Every space encourages language development, positive interaction, well-being, and a love for exploration.
  • Children can freely explore ideas and create unique art and play spaces using natural materials.
  • We foster a sense of confidence by supporting your child’s development and connection with the natural world.

Curious Minds Creating Child-Led Play Experiences

  • We observe your child’s interests and let them guide their play.
  • Our natural materials offer endless possibilities – from building forts to creating art, children can explore their creativity freely.
  • Play isn’t just fun; it’s educational! We use child-led activities to develop problem-solving skills, language, and social interaction.
  • Children can choose activities and materials, fostering a sense of ownership and confidence.
  • Nature becomes their playground and inspires children to create unique play experiences.

Una Early Learning Taringa

11 Rokeby Terrace
Taringa QLD 4068
Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm

07 3719 5544

More About Our Rewilding Approach

We invite you to visit our daycare and kindergarten and see how we can make a difference for you and your child. Our doors are always open for families to explore our facilities, meet our team, and find out more about our unique approach.